Pet Health Plan

We want to help reduce and spread the cost of routine preventative health care for your pet.

That’s why we are working with plan administrators, Vetsure, to deliver preventative treatments and benefits through our Pet Health Plans for dogs and cats, all at discounted prices that are collected in an easy monthly direct debit.

If you take out a Pet Health Plan with us, your pet will benefit from*:

  • Annual Core vaccinations (Including Kennel Cough for dogs and Feline Leukaemia for cats when required).
  • Flea and worming treatments (as recommended by your vet, including a Seresto tick collar).
  • Microchipping (or £10 off any diet if already microchipped).
  • Aquadent (daily oral hygiene solution).
  • 6 monthly health check (with your vet).
  • A selection of discounts (on neutering, dental treatments and lifestage diets).
  • 5% off Vetsure Pet Insurance for cats and dogs

* Terms and Conditions apply – please speak to one of our team for more details.

Care for the Best of Health, Cover for the Worst

Note that our Pet Health Plan is NOT a pet insurance product.

Pet insurance is aimed at providing cover for the treatment of unforeseen accidents or illnesses and does not typically cover preventative healthcare costs.

To link the two aspects of pet healthcare, Vetsure Pet Health Plan members will get 5% off when you take out a Vetsure Pet insurance policy (or when you renew an existing one). That way, Vetsure can reward you further for your commitment to keeping your beloved pet in the best of health – at the same time as providing cover for the cost of treatment of accidents and illnesses through Vetsure Pet Insurance.

What more could a loving owner do for their pet?

Pet Health Plan

Small Dog 0-20kg£22.00
Medium Dog 20-40kg£25.00
Large Dog 40kg +£35.00

How to Purchase a Plan

Use the button below to purchase your Pet Health Plan online. This can be done at any point ahead of your appointment to collect the appropriate flea or worming treatments or your pet’s annual vaccinations – just let our reception team know that you’re a Pet Health Plan member at the time of booking!

Alternatively, call our plan administrators, Vetsure on: 0800 050 2022 or speak to our team.

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Pet Insurance

We never want money to be an issue should your pet require treatment but there is also no doubt that the provision of high quality veterinary care can be costly.

We hope your pet stays in good health but, ask yourself, could you afford an unexpected veterinary bill of £2000? In the absence of a Pet National Health Service, lifelong pet insurance may offer the best solution for pet owners.

It is for this reason we suggest all our clients take out a good quality pet insurance product. We are a Vetsure-accredited practice and, as such, promote the Vetsure range of pet insurance products. As a recognised practice we benefit from active communication channels with the Vetsure team. This means that we can obtain pre-authorisation prior to starting treatment and can help make the claim process as easy as possible.

Find Out More About Vetsure

Why we promote Vetsure

  • A lifetime of care for your companion: The treatment benefits on all Vetsure policies recharge every year for each condition – meaning that ongoing conditions like diabetes and arthritis will continue to be covered.
  • An unlimited number of conditions covered: With Vetsure, you can claim against an unlimited number of unrelated conditions per year. You just choose the level of cover you want per condition.
  • Hassle-free claims: You only pay the excess once per condition and we guarantee to offer direct claims so you’re not out of pocket. Claims are handled digitally so they can be settled within hours.

Get 5 Weeks’ Free*! Furthermore, as a fully accredited Vetsure practice we can offer our clients 5 weeks’ cover free of charge. Simply choose whichever level of cover you are interested in taking out and get the first 5 weeks free. If you’re happy, your cover will continue seamlessly!

To activate your 5 Weeks’ Free cover online, click the button below or you can call the friendly team at Vetsure on 0800 050 2022.

*you must contact Vetsure to activate your cover. Cover for accidents starts immediately once your free trial has been activated. There is a 14-day ‘waiting period’ for illness conditions – meaning illness conditions occurring or showing clinical signs during this period will be excluded.

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Senior Pet Health Care Clinics

Designed to detect early signs of geriatric conditions. Enabling us to start treatment earlier, which can lead to a longer and happier life for your furry friend!

Run by our fully trained nurses the clinics run  Tuesday and Thursdays at Reigate and Wednesday at Tadworth

Included in your package

A full top to toe assessment | Blood pressure measurements (cats only) | Blood sample | Basic urine test | Follow-up appointment

Normal Price £307.22 DISCOUNTED PRICE £212

Call 01737 242190 or email for more information.